The Quick Response installation

This year’s Experience Design class in the Graphic Design department at CCS was given the opportunity to create an installation for the 2011 Student Exhibition, and we accepted the challenge! Eight weeks of research, design and prototyping yielded eight individual pieces, all working together to create a unique interactive experience for the 2011 show visitors. The conceptual framework is an exploration of how digital space collides with real space, with an emphasis on transforming existing architecture. The subject matter we chose was a formal and functional exploration of the increasingly ubiquitous QR code.

This was not your everyday class project. This group really put in the time and created some great work. An unforgettable learning experience! Explore the links above or click here to see how it all went down.


While each team worked individually to execute individual pieces, there was a great deal of overall cross-group collaboration on the show as a whole.

Project Team: Rachel Ariyavatkul, Jennifer Barrett, Paolo Catalla, Brian Hendrickson, Cate Horn, Brian Jacob, Lani Kercado, Aileen Klebba, Amanda Matzenbach, Alex Poterek, Will Ruby, Nick Sternberg