Zigzag Wall

Team: Lani Kercado, Cate Horn, Brian Hendrickson


In early stages of the exploration, we discovered that a QR code could still function when it was “broken” or mapped onto multiple planes. Furthermore, we discovered that the code mapped in this way required the user to be located in a very specific space in order to scan it, because the perspective would only be correct from one position. This team used this idea of a broken plane to locate the user in space, and to highlight the spirit of the project. The mobile component also used the opportunity to explain some background on the overall project.


Zigzag Wall from Nevercool on Vimeo.

Large scale prototypes were built, and in the process the team discovered there was a fair amount of accurate measurement and math required to get things right. Seemingly small miscalculations would result in a skewed or misaligned code, which would then be unrecognizable to the scanning software. After several conceptual iterations at different scales, the team concluded that the lines of sight required for the large-scale piece would be difficult to accommodate in the available spaces for the show. Space was at a premium, so the resulting solution was a more modular and smaller scale piece to suit a variety of possible spaces and sight lines.