Cooperation is key

This installation was a new kind of request at the campus, so it came with some additional challenges. Occupying and transforming spaces outside the designated departmental areas for the CCS Student Exhibition had not been done before, and so it required flexibility from all involved. Due to time constraints, one of our biggest challenges was to continue working on designs and technological solutions before having final approved spaces to work in. Some projects had to adjust to these constraints more than others.

Of course none of this would have been possible without a great deal of interdepartmental and administrative cooperation. Sincere thanks to all the individuals and groups who lent a willing hand, including but of course not limited to: Doug Kisor, Sue LaPorte, Chad Riechert, Kristin Koch, Jamie Laessle, Greg Fraser, Laurie Evans, Matt Clayson, Bethany Betzler, Sandra Olave, Robert Sheffman, Sean Evans.